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Troubleshooting:After update my Sleep mode is broken Error

After update my Sleep mode is broken

I had my computer set to go to sleep after about 20 minutes or so and when i would wake it up, it would immediately show the login screen and i woudl type my password and then the desktop would show up right away.
 Well then I installed some "update"
and now when i go to wake my computer up it starts all the way back from my Bios, running the bios initialization and essentially starting windows as if i just turned my computer on, then it takes forever to load up the password screen and after i enter my
password it takes another few minutes to load my desktop.
This is unacceptable its actually faster to shut my computer down and turn it back on!

Solutions to the Problem After update my Sleep mode is broken

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Could you please tell us more on the update that caused this issue?
I suggest you to perform System Restore back to a point in time before this issue started.
Before you start System Restore, save any open files and close all programs.
Once you confirm your restore point, System Restore restarts your computer.
Open System Restore by clicking the Start button.
In the search box, type System Restore, and then, in the list of results, click System Restore.‍ If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide

Access the below links for more information on System Restore:

I also suggest that you check if your input devices are set to wake up from sleep from the Device Manager.

To change this setting, type in Device Manager into the start menu search box, and then browse down to “Network Adapters” and find the devices like, Mouse, Keyboard and Network Adapter.
Right-click it and choose Properties from the menu.
In the resulting dialog, choose the Power Management tab.
Uncheck the box next to “Allow this device to wake the computer”.
Refer the link below for more information:  

I suggest that you go to your computer manufactures website and download the latest drivers for your Video card.
Check this article that will give you different options on upgrading drivers:

If you still come across the issue you may have to put the computer in a Clean Boot State to check for the issue.
Below are the steps to put the computer in a Clean Boot state.

To perform a Clean Boot on a computer that is running Windows 7:

Click Start, type msconfig in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.
 If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Continue.
On the General tab, click Selective Startup.
Under Selective Startup, click to clear the Load Startup Items check box.
Click the Services tab, click to select the Hide All Microsoft Services check box, and then click Disable All.
Click OK.
When you are prompted, click Restart.
After the computer starts, check if the issue is fixed.
If your issue is resolved after performing Clean Boot, then follow the steps mentioned in the following KB article to narrow down the exact source:
Also, see the section on how return your computer to a Normal startup mode by following the steps under “Reset the computer to start as usual”, after performing the clean boot troubleshooting.

I hope the above information helps you.

Manasa P – Microsoft Support.

Cleaning your computer, components, and peripherals help keep everything in good working condition and helps prevent germs from spreading. You can't image how dirty the inside of your computer case can get. All the dust and dirt is going to prevent proper air flow and may even prevent the fan from working.

Recommended Method to Fix the Problem: After update my Sleep mode is broken:

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1. Click the button to download SmartPCFixer . Install it on your computer.  Open it, and it will perform a scan for your system. The junk files will be shown in the list.

2. After the scan is done, you can see the errors and problems which need to be repaired.

3. The Fixing part is done, the speed of your computer will be much higher than before and the errors have been fixed.

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